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Public Education

A presentation (ppt, 6.7 MB; pdf, 1.7 MB) and a brochure (pdf, 205 KB), along with the current web page were developed as educational materials, to increase community interest in water quality problems. Presentations were developed at Lake Edmonds Homeowners Association meetings, and at Research Class at the West Ashley High School.

Educational materials provided information on the:

  • objectives for the construction of stormwater ponds
  • general water quality problems present in retention ponds
  • objectives of the ongoing project at Lake Edmonds
  • description of procedures to test water quality
  • results of the research
  • recommendations to improve water quality by the community

Student training was developed in order to show different instruments and techniques used to study water quality in aquatic ecosystems.

Individual residents acquired more knowledge related to what they routinely observe at the lake. Lake Edmonds Homeowners Association is searching for large-scale management practices for controlling algae in the pond.

A positive attitude of the high school students was observed towards the water quality conservation efforts. The high school teacher and students gained information and procedures beneficial to performing water quality management at their school’s stormwater pond.