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Survey Results


A total of 277 residents in the Lake Edmonds' watershed were surveyed regarding land use practices which may influence water quality. Some of the parameters surveyed included:

  • pet waste management
  • pesticide applications
  • pond uses
  • homeowner interest in the pond's water quality

Results Summary

Pet Waste Management

  • 47% of homes with pets
  • 81% of dogs & cats were reported as being kept either outdoor or indoor/outdoor
  • Only 11% of homeowners pick up pet waste daily

Fertilizer Application

  • 76% of homeowners apply fertilizer to their lawns
  • 67% apply fertilizer 2 or more times per year

Pesticide Application

  • 58% of homeowners apply herbicides to their lawns
  • 75% apply insecticides to their lawns
  • 32% apply fungicides to their lawns
  • Majority of respondents make 2 or more applications of each pesticide class per year

Lake uses

  • boating activities: 73.68%
  • fishing activities: 63.16%

Other Parameters

  • Observed algal blooms: 76.67%
  • Established vegetative buffer in lawns: 10.71%
  • Willing to install buffer: 68.96%
  • Willing to change practices: 94.74%
Lake Edmonds Homeowners Association Survey Response
Lake Edmonds Watershed Survey Response