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Residents in the Lake Edmonds drainage area may help improve Lake Edmonds and Kushiwah Creek water quality by following the suggestions below:

  1. To decrease the levels of fecal coliform bacteria runoff from lawns, please collect pet waste from the yard and deposit it in the trash.
  2. Please follow label directions for lawn fertilizers and chemicals (herbicides, insecticides and fungicides) to decrease the content of both nutrients and contaminants in the water.
  3. Using alternative lawn care products, such as those with low chemical and nutrient content including organic and/or biodegradable products, will help to decrease nutrient runoff and the development of algal blooms.
  4. The proper disposal of lawn clippings to avoid its deposition in the lake may decrease the nutrient concentrations in the water.
  5. The installation of a vegetative buffer (plants growing between the lake edge and lawn) will allow for the control of nutrient, chemical and bacterial loading from the lawn into the water, especially after a rain event.

Note: Project sponsor, Charleston Aquatic Nurseries, offers plant choices and purchase discounts (25% off) for residents interested in the vegetative buffer installation. Interested homeowners will pay for the plants and arrangements will be made for delivery and planting.

If you are interested, please contact us.